Real people.

Real results.

There's no success story quite like Sarah's!


 Sarah started my program at 265 lbs, a habitual chain cigarette smoker, and poor eating habits...

After "accidentally" meeting her in my old apartment complex, I convinced her to join my gym.  She quit smoking within her first 2 weeks, changed her diet ENTIRELY within the first 2 months, and from there: she became a ROCK STAR  🌟 in my gym!  Her results landed local television and local news from damn near dead to jaw droppingly transformed!  


Her Regimen:

⬛Boot Camp with me - 3 days per week

⬛Personal Training - 3 days per week

⬛Diet and lifestyle change

⬛60% protein, 30% veggies, 10% starch in her meals for 11 months


Sarah later went on to becoming a highly recognized and super accomplished advocate for the United States Military and U.S. VETERANS across the nation! She is the proud owner of Waypoint Vets!  I could not be more proud of my client and best friend!  We have developed a beautiful friendship over the years.  I am honored.