Real people.

Real results.

Tomeka dropped 50 lbs in her first 6 months

...and then another 50 lbs over the course of another 14 months.
While this may sound like a "long time".... Just think for a moment.  Have you been attending your "current" or a previous gym...for years?  Sure.  Now, did you lose 100 lbs there?  Likely, not.


Don't WASTE the next year or even 2 years of your life!  You'll only see these kinds of results from HEAD TO TOE inside and out at TRIBE GIJO! 


Her Regimen: 

⬛Did the 5 day and 3 day JOTOX system twice per month

⬛Attended TRIBE GIJO BOOT CAMP sessions 3 days per week

⬛Attend TRIBE GIJO GLADIATOR (personalized training) 2 days per week

⬛Changed her diet SUBSTANTIALLY minimizing carbs, increasing veggies & lean protein

⬛Changed her LIFESTYLE habits from sedentary choices to active ones (more walking, more outdoor activity, hiking, etc) in addition to her training with me

⬛Stayed C O N S I S T E N T!  (This is most people's problem)