Chattanooga - Investment Option #3 (6 Months Plus Detox, MOJO, & Supp) 🔥 Book it on Cash App for $970 or Book Here $1,000

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This $1,000 INVESTMENT in yourself includes the following: 

1. Unlimited (ANY TIME) Training both Boot Camp and Auxillary classes for 6 Months.  This investment ALSO INCLUDES access to (5) 45 personal training sessions (one on one) per month for your 6 months ***These sessions often take our clients' bodies to the NEXT level. 

1A. Also includes any sessions held on weekends and access to any classes conducted in TRIBE facility by guest trainers / featured trainers / and celebrity trainers 

2. A weight dropping 5 Day Detox - you will receive a 5 day detox in your 1st, 3rd, and 5th month

3. 3 jars of MOJO - you will receive a jar of MOJO with each detox package (all 3 jars will last you your entire 6 months)

4. A 30 Day Pill pack in month 1 and in month 4 (this pill pack is NOT intended for constant use.  It is safe health practice to use for 4 weeks then take a 6 week or more break, then repeat)  

This concludes your $1000 investment