Before & After Photos & Testimonials

"Listen to me.  Jo could care less about any whining you've got to do!  She will WORK YOU to the bone!  The results, the energy from her, the PUSH from her, and the LOVE from her... I betcha you won't find it anywhere else!  I'm here for life!" --Meredith S.
"I've never been apart of any other camp or program that has gotten my body to achieve what it has achieved over the last year and a half.  I've lost 60 lbs and could have lost more if I took my diet seriously when I first started.  GI JO is one helluva trainer and believe me when I tell you - there's nobody like her anywhere.  I've been with her since 2016 and not one time did the workouts get boring or "same ole"  This woman is the truth!" --Wallin
Beverly has dropped down from a size 10 to a size 4 and she is FABULOUS 50 years old!  She lifts barbells, she swings kettlebells, sprints on treadmills, and works hard in boot camp!  No more excuses! 
100 lbs lost at Tribe GIJO
Astonishing results in 4 weeks
Nelly dropped 26 lbs!
While this may look like MORE than 26 lbs lost, keep in mind that when the body loses ACTUAL FAT, weight loss "appears" to be higher due to reducing BODY FAT.  REDUCING BODY FAT versus reducing weight are two totally different things.  Her body fat has reduced more substantially than the weight on the scale.  
Weight loss = looking better in clothes (but npt necessarily looking better naked)


Body fat loss = looking better NAKED (always means that you will also look better in your clothes)
The point: STOP OBSESSING over the scale and MEASURE your waist, thighs, arms, and bust instead for TRUE results tracking. 
Rachel has "only" lost 5 lbs, however her BODY FAT has decreased 17%!  Once again, BODY FAT LOSS is how we achieve a desirable PHYSIQUE appearance.  Obsession over the scale will only discourage and infuriate you and cause you to QUIT.  
A beautiful 30 lbs transformation happened right before our very eyes! 
"This isn't just a boot camp.  This is mental, this is emotional, this is psychological boot camp too.  Jo will pull something out of you YOU never knew you had." --Felicia
Being able to button up your favorite suits again!  The little things matter so much!  
"She's crazy as hell, but her camps are amazing!  The energy in the room is enough to fuel a damn plane!  This is a special place and it'll always have a special place in my heart!"  --Suzanne M.
(Nicky above) "I drive all the way to Covington GA from Lawrenceville GA!  And at the time that I commute, it is almost a 1 hour drive!  I pass a TON of gyms and trainers on the way to Covington.  But there's only ONE Jo!  There really ain't anybody else like GI JO and she is worth all the traffic and all the driving!  She's gonna have to get rid of me!  I'm not going anywhere!  LOVE HER, love her training style, and love her tough love NO B.S. classes. You are definitely going to get what you paid for and MORE!"  --Nicky
"There is nowhere else you're gonna drop 25 lbs in one single month!  Down 25 lbs in just my first camp here!  I am so grateful!" --Lena 
"Down 9 lbs in my FIRST week here.  I know that THIS is the place where I'll reach my goals.  I don't doubt it one bit!  GI JO is the TRUTH!"  --Arlando
"She gets on my last nerve HAHAHA, but she truly cares about our results and wants to see us performing at our best.  Just when I think I'm gonna quit, she SAYS SOMETHING that snaps me right back into focus and get me moving my ass again!  Love me some Jo!  Her VOICE truly keeps me going.  I've tried other trainers, but they don't have "that" voice!" --Nadea S.
(Above) 30 lbs down!  Looking absolutely amazing with a new physique coming in, tone, shape, and clear skin! 
"I had heard of Jo before, but never really paid it any attention.  But when I saw her on NBC... I knew it was time to take advantage of this rare opportunity.  It is now a year later, I am still right here rocking by her side, and down another 22 lbs to boot - making my results a total of 82 lbs lost.  There is nobody anywhere from coast to coast like this woman!"  --Jessica L.
"I FEEL like a whole new woman!  Jo is an amazing trainer and will truly PUSH YOU past your limits. So worth it!" -Twanna
"I started off not being able to even lift 10 lbs dumbbells!  Now I'm lifting 50 lbs barbells over my head!  Jo ... You've changed my entire life!  Thank you!" --Jessica
"THIS BODY IS A BODY BY JO!  Jo is a beast and there us absolutely no trainer out here like her!  Period!  No argument." --Fran (26 lbs lost)
5:00 AM BOOT CAMP!  One helluva experience at 5 am! 
"GI JO saved my life.  I was on 6 different medications for HBP and diabetes.  After just 1 month of training with her, I was off 4 of them and ONLY had to take the last 2 to keep my blood pressure down.  I am now only taking 1 medication.  I used to take 6!  She is a blessing!"  --Moriah D.
"Her classes are INSANE!  I have literally never in my life POURED sweat from my face or felt like I popped out new stomach muscles in one class!  Crazy energy, awesome music, and the members ROCK!  We all hold each other accountable and push each other!  Do not miss any of her classes!"  --Rhonda M.
"DRILL SGT JO WILL GET YOU RIGHT!  There is nowhere else I would rather be!"