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(Jo & Tony Robbins)

When I was nearly 400 lbs, I never lacked confidence.  Size doesn't define our capacity or identity, ladies.  Strength does. Self-love does.  Improve your body while LOVING IT at the same time! 


Hey.  I am Jo.

"While I may have the Awards and accolades I have... it still does not change who I inherently am on the inside - a true advocate and fighter for PEOPLE.  Once you tell me your goal - I am going to fight as hard as you to achieve it!  I don't just offer a physical experience.  A journey with me is also spiritual and mental.  While building your glutes and abs, it is my true intention to also build your inner strength, fortitude, and CHARACTER.  It is important that women and men develop themselves beyond the physical.  I am here for your total metamorphosis - inside AND out." -Jo


If you're ready to change your life and your BODY ...

without all the smoke and mirrors and hype and fluff and gimmicks out there, then don't wait another second.  Procrastination, hesitation, and "being afraid" doesn't get anyone anywhere.  When you get done procrastinating and/or being "scared"... you will still be out of shape!  DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.  All videos, facts, and anything shared below are the real life GI JO experiences at Inferno and Jo's candid career.


  • Within 4 months of opening in Covington GA - Fox 5 News discovered Inferno and did a piece of the owner, the gym, and the RESULTS coming from the gym in such a short period of time
  • Prior to opening up in Covington GA - GI JO was also featured on Fox 17 News and News Channel 4 in Nashville TN where she originated out of (Nashville)


  • GI JO was selected from around the country to be "Leading Lady" of the day for her most unique journey from being a morbidly obese teenager (400 lbs) to a super solider in the U.S. Army to a homeless Veteran to a multimillionaire in the fitness industry
  • GI JO is a OIF and OEF Veteran (3 tours Iraq and 1 tour Afghanistan)
  • GI JO started her business while living homeless out of her car in 2009.  No matter what it took - she was destined to chase after her dreams and make it a reality!  She sacrificed her last $12 cash on some 4 gym mats on Craiglist.  From that point - her 4 clients in the park turned in 40 women within 15 days and in under 2 months - GI JO has an alarming 400 gym members which got her into her first official gym in Nashville TN. 
  • Inferno has been rocking and rolling since then!


  • Unique and intricate STUBBORN area fat loss techniques guaranteed to ONLY be seen at Tribe Inferno with GI JO 
  • Every workout is DIFFERENT every single session - NO REPEATS - ever
  • 9 out of 10 members with GI JO *stay* with GI JO - high client retention rate due to the experience

Laurie's journey has been simply incredible to watch!

"I don't play games in my sessions and classes.  People have a high expectation of my service 24/7 and I WILL deliver - each and every time.  The one thing the Army taught me - was how to be efficient, proficient, and masterful in all my actions, not for myself, but for the entire team." -Jo


  • In-Facility (TRIBE) Personal training, small group training, and Fit Camp
  • Corporate events - I travel to you or you may bring your group to me (there is different pricing for this service outside of the prices you see listed on the website)
  • In-Home personal training - I travel to you (space is limited) (there is different pricing for this service outside of the prices you see listed on the website)
  • Private Luxury Experience at our East Ridge private home used only for clients :: Total head to toe, inside and outside life transformation experience.  Please use the Mind & Body retreat tab to get more info on this

(Kimberly - above - in both video and photo - is doing both boot camp and personal training)


I prefer payment via Cash App, Zelle, or here on the website.   My Cash App is $GIJOINFERNO.  My Zelle 'send to' number is 678-760-0524.  


    Inferno training gets results.  No need to doubt or wonder!  We've got you covered top to bottom!


    "I could care less what size you are, how much you weigh, or about your fitness level.  My program will kick EVERYONE's a$$ - whether you're an athlete or a beginner.  Makes no difference!  Step right up to your non-discriminatory ass whooping!" -Jo

    Gym Member Facts:

    • Contrary to what you see - my facility is full of women of ALL walks of life.  Skinny ones, thicker ones, heavier ones, athletic ones, fit ones, "skinny fat" ones,  muscular ones, non-motivated AND motivated ones, "I need to look good in my wedding dress" ones... and even those of you who just want to look AMAZING naked. 
    • Whatever floats your boat and whatever walk of life you come from - I am here to serve you one helluva extraordinary fit camp experience that will take your body AND your life to new levels! 
    • The women and men you see in these videos who "appear to be super fit" were once right where you are - out of shape and/or skeptical.  They gave it a try - and continued to attend.  They're in shape now because they stuck it out and stayed the course.  ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS GET STARTED!  Stop making excuses and get started!
    • No Contracts.  Ever.

    GI JO Non-stop HIIT & Weight Training Superset Training Style:

    • GI JO utilizes a super intense and well strategized SUPERSET concept that tones and shreds the body unlike any other program out there!
    • A superset is comprised of: 3 or more exercises back to back in reps of 15 to 30 performed back to back without breaks to total one complete SUPERSET.  It is this very structure that gets Jo's clients transformed from "I look okay" to "Dammmnnnnn girl!" (realistically)
    • This program is TOUGH and teaches mental fortitude.  We will NOT tolerate excuses, complaining, or whining from clients and members under any circumstances! 

     GI JO is the epitome of PASSION in her sessions! 

    Delivering day after day 1 hour workouts that push the body and boost the spirit with tough love that lasts a lifetime!  Not just within the 1 hour with her.  Don't believe us?  Just ask a few of her gym members who have been members since 2010!


     The Kinds of People I will NOT Work With:

    • If you speak negatively about "other" trainers and other gyms regarding comparisons and one over the other - I will not work with you.  I do not tolerate negative speech regarding other boot camps, other training programs, and other trainers in my space.  There is nothing I can do about other facilities and training experience - I can only offer you my experience in hopes you appreciate training again.
    • If you intentionally and unintentionally speak negatively about your body - especially after consulting with me - I will no longer work with you (I am here to pour into you.  Allow me to do my job and allow the process to take its course)  **I do not welcome negative self-talk into my space
    • If you have an attitude problem (telling me what "you ain't" gonna do and it all sounds like crap) - I will not train you.  The reason you're stuck in the same place is because you are unwilling to make necessary changes.  If you are unwilling to allow me to change your body and life the way I do it - I will not work with you!
    • If you haggle me more than once about my pricing, constantly request I lower my price, or in general can not accept my pricing and pricing terms - I will not work with you.  I have work excruciatingly hard to achieve a certain level of success, education, knowledge, and experience.  My pricing encompasses 15 years of experience both military and civilian sectors, a Masters in Kinesiology, 5 certifications, utmost passion, and all out HARD WORK for over 15 years.
    • If you make daily excuses about why you've gotten where you are currently physically (instead of being positive about change) - I will not train you.  It is imperative that you understand the outcome of our lives is the results of the decisions we CONSCIOUSLY make.  Now that we have made a lifestyle out of eating bad foods and not exercising - we must now accept that CHANGE must occur.  Accept it and adjust and make the changes.  Don't make excuses.  Excuses will get us nowhere!
    • If I feel in any way that you will bring negative energy into my space - I will not work with you.  I can only offer you MY best which in turn - gets YOU your BEST results if I can mentally and emotionally in the right energy internally.  I am a stickler for positive vibes.  Negative vibes in my gym is an absolutely NO-GO!  We are positive people and we ensure everyone in our presence feels their best!


    "I weighed over 380 lbs at my heaviest.  I understand that this program is challenging for severely overweight members.  If you stop and quit now - now what?  Suck it up baby, strap up your sneakers, and let's fight for your goals TOGETHER.  I am here with you every step of the way!" -Jo

    • I am not the trainer that's been fit all of her life nor the trainer that started off as an athlete
    • I have never played a sport in my life
    • At the age of 19, I was 387 lbs
    • By the end of my freshman year of college, I was 408 lbs
    • I lost all my weight naturally with diet and exercise alone 
    • I had to FIGHT to get here
    • It will NOT be easy - but it will be worth it!

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    770-744-1590 Text or call me Monday-Friday 1:00 pm - 4:45 pm and Saturdays 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.  Please allow 4-8 hours to get back with you.  Thank you!