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Total body, mind, and spirit excursions and experiences for women and men seeking mental empowerment, stress alleviation, weight loss, spiritual rejuvenation, physical detox & challenge, and an overall head to toe inside and out transformation that'll change your life.  


"My Retreats are for GO-GETTERS who are ready to get out of their comfort zones, try something new, and truly embark on a journey that will CHANGE their mindsets and their lives.  Forever." --gijo

Booking Below.  If you need further information regarding GIJO Retreats, please call or text Jo at 770-744-1590 (this is her business cellphone contact).  If you get to voicemail, GIJO is either in a session or with clients.  Please leave her a text message.  Your correspondence is important.  She will reply within 5 hours of the time you send it.    Thank you!

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