Georgia (Any Area) - GIJO Ultimate Transformation Plan (THIS IS A TRIAL 2 WEEK EXPERIENCE)

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This is hands down, the most life changing way to to transform both your body and your life!   This plan features: 


This is a 2 week opportunity to experience TRIBE GIJO training, services, and techniques!  You will receive (6) sessions - 3 in your first week and 3 in your second week.  I will also be supplying you with the tools you need: 10 meal prep containers per week, a total body massage in your 2nd week (by my Team Member), and 1 guided meditation session on the Saturday of your second week).  In just 2 weeks, you will be amazed, rejuvenated, and on fire for life and fitness again! (And very likely, you will have dropped 10 lbs or more as well!)