Adrenal System Reset
Endocrine System Boost
Digestive System Flush
Digestive System Reboot
Total Body Weight Loss
Real pounds gone, not just water weight! 
Average of 9 to 16lbs lost in 5 days! 
My client's results were achieved with using my JOTOX System (detox water & detox soup) every 3 weeks plus GIJO boot camp training!
From Day 1 to Day 5, you will notice a visible change in your mood, your energy levels, and your body! 
By Day 3, my client Kristy had already dropped 9 lbs.  
It works - Or your money back! 
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JOTOX System

JOTOX System

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Jotox System PLUS Training - Chattanooga

Jotox System PLUS Training - Chattanooga

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