Requirements for Sessions/Classes

All Members must bring the following items to camp on a daily basis: 

  • Full set of 3 lbs dumbbells (1 for each hand) **If you can not find some, it's okay! 
  • (1) 8 lbs dumbbell **yes, just 1
  • Weight lifting gloves 
  • Bottle of hand sanitizer (must use before session, half way into session, and right after session)
  • Bottle/can of Lysol
  • Full bottle of water
  • A big beach sized towel (you likely already have this at home) ***Simply, a very large towel

3 lbs and 8 lbs dumbbells can be found at Walmart, TJ Maxx, Ross, Or any sports store for fairly cheap ranging $3 to $12 bucks. 

Items above are required items.  If you do not have them for the first 3 sessions, it's okay.  I will allow you up to 2 weeks to get the items on the list.  Keep them in your gym bag and be ready (PREPARED) for camp or PT daily.