Important Announcements & Updates



Dear Veteran Members, New Members, and Current Prospects: 


Greetings ladies & gentlemen!  I appreciate you taking the time to read this announcement in its entirety. 


The last 2 months have taken a huge toll on the well being and structure of my business.  As with any new business (I opened in Chattanooga February 26, 2020), there's always a slow gradual growth which I was prepared for.  However, I was not nor were thousands of other small businesses prepared for COVID-19 to hit so devastatingly abruptly nor tragically to the structure of our businesses. 


Due to the strain COVID has caused, I am put in the very unfortunate and upsetting position to have to close my gym for the next 2 months, potentially less.


Closing my physical location will allow me and my brand the time necessary to plan, strategize, and solidify the next steps vital to our continued success if we are to remain serving Chattanooga and surrounding areas.  I need this time to recoup what's been lost, restore the foundation of my business, and to seek partnerships to empower the security of my business.  This time off is necessary to rebuild from the inside - out to better serve you once relaunched. 


Prayerfully, my clients and members understand the strain and distress this pandemic has caused us as it may also be effecting your household as well.  We are all in very uncertain times as the economy takes a huge turn in unexpected ways. 


While I am truly sorry for this temporary closure - I can assure you that it is NOT the end for Tribe GIJO!  I will re-open and Tribe will bounce back stronger and better than ever before in a new facility within the local area. 


While the physical facility is closed, I am offering the following options for my CURRENT existing members and any new prospects who'd like to join in with us.




1. GIJO @ TYNER TRACK / Tyner Track Meet-Ups - 2 to 3 days per week.  These meet ups will occur on any of the 2 or 3 days of the week:  Mondays, Wednesdays, and/or  Thursdays 5:00 am and 6:00 pm (training is free for current members, $10 per session for non-members) Each session is 1 hour.

1A. FOR EXISTING MEMBERS: these meet ups do NOT count against your camp purchase.  Your camp purchase will only begin to count again when my physical facility has reopened. 

1B.  Meet ups will be announced and posted in our PRIVATE Facebook Group via Facebook for our members and interested candidates to see.  If you are not yet in this group, please TEXT "ADD ME TO THE GROUP" to 770-744-1590 so that we may send you the link to join the group. 

1C. If you decide to keep your membership, you will be credited an additional week of training in our relaunched location. 


2.  TRAINING @ TYNER will consist of: Plyometrics, weights, strength training, jogs, walks, sprints, toning techniques, sweat dripping total body circuits, abdominal work, back-fat (lats) work, intricate INNER & OUTER thigh work, and a host of other dynamics that'll push, challenge, and empower you.  Please bring required items: 3 lbs dumbbells (5 lbs if you are ADVANCED), a big beach size towel, and a bottle of water.


3. Note: Tyner Track is an outdoor training experience (WELL WORTH IT - YOU WILL SWEAT - YOU WILL WORK HARD - YOU WILL GET RESULTS).  Please come prepared for "element changes" that may or may not occur by keeping items in your car such as: jacket, poncho, hoodie.  In addition to the *Required* items you will need for camp any way which is: 3 lbs dumbbells (5 lbs if you are ADVANCED), a big beach size towel, and a bottle of water.


4. NEW Prospects joining for the 1st time: Your rate is $10 per session.  It covers 1 single 1 hour session/meetup.  Our Cash App is: $GIJOINFERNO or you may bring cash to the track.  You may also opt to purchase a bulk of sessions at $60 which will cover 12 - 1 hour sessions with us at Tyner.  Bulk booking saves you money.  $60 or $10 to: $GIJOINFERNO (this only applied to NOT YET JOINED Members who are now joining) 


5. For Existing Members who do not prefer or can not do the outdoor workout, you may keep your membership on hold until the official re-launch of our physical location.  Or you may opt to Bullet #7. 


6.  Results.  Please note RESULTS are contingent upon your EFFORT in sessions and your EFFORT in your diet whether indoor or outdoor.  My indoor and outdoor workouts and techniques are  fundamentally the same both ways.  The only difference is the setting. 


7.  Refunds.  Members who opt out of any of the above, You are welcome to formally request a refund sent to my email address: GIJOELITE@GMAIL.COM.  Please put TRIBE REFUND in the subject of your email.  Please describe in detail what your requesting a refund of so we can finalize your official refund date.  Each member is on separate plans and many plans are customized - everyone will not have the same refund date due to the plan registered for.  You will receive your REFUND DATE in the reply to your email if opting for a refund. Send request to: GIJOELITE@GMAIL.COM.  If you have questions, you may call me at 770-744-1590 


In conclusion:

I expect to re-open in approximately 2 Months or less.  This time is needed to revamp and recoup.  To my Members and Clients who can rock with me until relaunch, I thank you. I am truly grateful for your support in advance through  this time of evolution!  I am grateful for each and every one of my members and clients who chose my gym to get in the best shape of their lives or to at least make progress!  If you choose to take a break during this time, I respect your decision.   I look forward to serving you all now and in the near future!