Tribe Policies (Non-Negotiable)


Please read GIJO Tribe policies before pursuing training or services. 👇👇


TARDYNESS. You must be IN ATTENDANCE a minimum of 5 minutes early!  Early is on time and on time is late!  If you are late to a session, you must do 50 jumping jacks, 50 high knees, and a run to the end of the road.  Late means you have missed the warm up.  So, YOU must now go warm yourself up!  Please get it done as soon as you arrive - and then you may join in with your classmates. Accountability is an important part of this journey! 


REFUNDS.  Typical refunds here are due to life emergencies coming up.  Understood, however, Tribe has policies in place!  

1.  Refunds are LAST RESORT.  You may place your camp or plan on HOLD until you can resume. 

 2. Refunds will ONLY be issued due to: severe illness that deems you "unreturnable", death, surgery, or permanently moving 40 miles or more away from the gym 

3. Refund requests due to unsatisfactory performance on behalf of my company will be assessed accordingly, client communicated with, and then a decision will be made. I do my best to work amicably with all my clients.

4. "Changing your mind" due to indecisiveness does not warrant a refund and Tribe will not issue a refund under this circumstance.  You may hold on to your purchase for a later date or sell and/or gift your plan to an interested candidate. We offer 1 free TRIAL session for you to get an idea of what we do.  If you sign up after that trial session, your enrollment is locked in.  If you change your mind AFTER a free trial and AFTER a full 4 or 12 week registration, you will not be issued a refund. 


POLITICS/CONTROVERSY.  A gym is a positive ALL INCLUSIVE environment.  We are simply here to reach goals and exceed goals!  Please do not bring up anything political or controversial in our safe space!  People are here for both mental & physical escape!  You will be warned.  If you continue, you'll be removed from the gym.  


BULLYING & BODY SHAMING.  Absolutely NOT tolerated at Tribe Inferno Chattanooga or at any of my locations!  Making others feel "less than" is unacceptable behavior.  You will be warned. If you continue, you will be banned from ALL Tribe facilities for 90 days without a refund.  


CONTACT/COMMUNICATION.  If you have any questions or concerns at all, they need to be addressed directly to head of our staff.  Tribe Assistants or Tribe Owner.  GIJOELITE@GMAIL.COM or 770-744-1590.