TRIBE GIJO Investment / Total Access (Georgia Only)

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For the consummate professional or elitist with absolute health and total fitness at top priority.  This investment in the TRIBE GIJO brand allows you to access ANY AND ALL programs GIJO offers in any capacity for 6 months.  You may attend sessions or have sessions brought to you 3 times per week for 6 months.  You also get granted VIP access to any and all fitness events, fitness sessions, and classes I hold anywhere I am.  Your healthy & delicious meals will be prepped and cooked for you (and delivered to you).  You'll never have to worry about physical pain or bodily tension again as this plan includes a 1 Hour total body massage bi-weekly by a Licensed Massage Therapist. Lastly, Tribe GIJO will send you a meditation and Reiki healing guru to help you relax, forget where you are, alleviate stress, and heal your spirit bi-weekly for 6 months. Everything you need in one bundled investment.

🟩This investment covers up to (2) people

🟩Larger investments such as this one benefits both the client and the professional.  "This investment package helps my brand serve the community, offer unorthodox programs for obese children, and grow and expand within the Georgia regions!"  So, I do thank you for considering an Investment package.  It fuels this movement!